About BJ

I am a writer, photographer, Harley-Davidson rider, pool player, awesome country-western dancer, lover of fine whiskey, small children, and faithful dogs.

I’ve led a nomad existence my entire life, starting with service in the Marine Corps, working in the oil field and construction, driving long-haul trucks across the country, and living life wherever it took me. 

I have been a fan of photography as long as I can recall. At eighteen, I purchased a Yashica 135 camera with my enlistment bonus.

The Marines gave me twelve hundred dollars for enlisting. When I received that money, it was the most money I had ever seen! I immediately bought the camera, and a Yamaha 250cc motorcycle.

Roaming the island of Okinawa on weekends when I was off-duty, exploring the island, and at the same time, exploring photography. This is when I discovered that I loved photography.

During that period of my life, I also began writing poems. I discovered that I could express myself through them and in turn – writing was either therapeutic or a cry for help. I’m not sure which.

My first book is titled ‘Tumbleweed’ and it is my story.